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Safety/Privacy Policy as of 4-10-2014

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Safety/Privacy Policy as of 4-10-2014 Empty Safety/Privacy Policy as of 4-10-2014

Post by FD_LegoFan101 on Sun 04 Apr 2010, 2:36 pm

Safety and Privacy Policy
As of 4-10-14

1. Personal Information Protection.
Here at LUNF, we do our very best to ensure that your personal information is well-guarded. We do NOT give away your email or other information. The information entered to sign up and/or create a profile is not viewed or used by the owners of the forum, unless:
• You are a suspected/confirmed hacker
• You are breaking a rule and receiving a ban as punishment
Aside from the above instances, your information is not used and is guarded as well as is possible.
To further protect your privacy, profile fields asking for such information to be publicized have been removed and/or changed.

2. Newsletters
Occasionally (once a year or so), we will send you newsletters which contain up-to-date forum news. This is done by an automated system created by Forumotion, and you need not worry as your emails are not displayed in the process.

3. Moderation
These forums are moderated by a moderation team (known here as "Forum Mythrans") to keep them a clean and safe place to be. Any majorly/minorly offensive language, links, photos, videos, or other media are removed on the spot, and are not tolerated here. If you notice anything that is not allowed, please report the post to our moderation team. Above each post is a simple Report button.

4. Administration
The administration group (known here as "Founders") consist of trusted, good users, invited by personal request. This list is only expanded to trusted users - we do not choose random users who put on a short "show" to appear good for the job. It is very rare that we add any Founders.
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Safety/Privacy Policy as of 4-10-2014 Empty LEGO Universe Closed Beta

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