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Feeling Ridiculous?

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Feeling Ridiculous?

Post by Cabey9 on Tue 29 May 2012, 3:20 pm

LEGO Universe is ended. We know that. When you heard the news on that November day, did you shed a tear or two? Did something in you break? What about the 30th of January?

Now, we look back at ourselves and feel ashamed, confused, and ridiculous. Why did I become so attached to a GAME? How can this have been worth all the fuss?

But really, that closing day perhaps WAS one of the worst days. Maybe now it seems like that all we did was run around a build virtual worlds, but e did a lot more things than run around smashing Stromlings - we made incredible bounds a friendship, discovered great building techniques ( Razz ), and even learned some things about computers, the LEGO Company. It seems strange, but I think a video game changed many of our lives in a way.

For instance, back to the friends thing. As I have said countless times, I have a new best friend in real life. Thanks to Rio, Sora, le717, and tons of other people, I've become more sure of myself, and have also learned a lot about stop animation. Very Happy

Now you think about how LU changed your life. Because of a lot of great people, we were affected positively in a way. When it ended, you were thinking about all that. That's why there was the feeling of loss inside of you. Don't let the memories slip away now.

Don't feel ridiculous.

~Founder Cabey9~

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not be in want. He restores my soul.

As a Founder, I'm here to help! Send me a private message if you have a question about anything. Smile

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Re: Feeling Ridiculous?

Post by rioforce on Sat 09 Jun 2012, 10:05 am

Exactly. It's not the game-play that everyone wants back, (well, actually, that's part of it), but it's the community. The interaction with real people. It's like me. I am really very shy in real life and don't live in a big town so I don't have many friends and the friends I do have live 30 miles away! So, in a way, I found friends here on LUNF and in LEGO Universe. Because on the internet, there is no need to be shy or self conscious. Just follow the rules and have a great time! Smile


I'm an Admin here at LUNF. If you need to contact me, there are simple Email and PM buttons to the left. Smile

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