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Visiting from the LMB's? Check this Out!

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Visiting from the LMB's? Check this Out!

Post by FD_LegoFan101 on Wed 13 Jul 2011, 9:18 am

It has recently come to my attention that a good amount of the users who have registered here happen to have come from the official LEGO Message Boards. I would like to welcome you here, and I think I should let you in on a little secret!

In case you have yet to notice, there are a few things different about the LUN Forums than what you see in the official LEGO Message Boards. In addition to the fact that your posts don't have to undergo constant moderation before they become visible (albeit they are monitored by a group of specially selected and tested staff, as well as a thorough word filter) there are also two features here that, in fact, only staff have access to on the LMB's - the ability to edit and delete your post!

Pretty cool, right? Whenever you use the buttons to edit or delete accidental posts/posts you wish to add more ideas to, you are essentially playing the part of an LMB moderator! Very Happy

But if you are in fact coming from the LMB's, you probably aren't very familiar with these tools. Today I am going to show you what they are and explain what they are for, so please pay close attention!

The Edit Button
Have you ever been posting on the LMB's and suddenly you think, "Hey! I've got another idea to add!" On the LMB's, the typical thing to do is to submit your reply and then reply again with your new thought. While that is (and even looks) fine at the LMB's, it tends to look messy around LUNF. So what can you do here? Let me introduce you to the Edit Button!

Any time you make a post, this devilishly handsome button appears to the top right side of your individual post. The great thing about it is that any time you make errors, have cool new ideas to add, or if you just wanna add a few more Razz 's for effect, the Edit button is the perfect solution! Simply click this button and you will be taken to the Edit Page, a page identical to the Post Reply page – the only difference is that your post is already there! From here, you can add all the extra ideas, smilies (caution: we have strict rules about not adding too many smilies - we advise that you only add smilies where absolutely necessary, and NEVER flood the page with smilies Razz), additional replies to others, and pictures that you need! The edit button is truly a great tool, and doesn't take any more time than that additional reply you were about to make would!

The Delete Button
Ever have one of those days where your computer or mobile device just decides it's going to make you double post? On the LMB's, this cannot be undone unless the moderators see fit. Here, however, you can delete any of your posts at any time you need to do so!

This snazzy button also appears to the top right side of your individual post. Deleting your post could not be easier - just click the button, confirm the action, and it's done. Simple as that! Very Happy

These two buttons can be great ways to learn a small part of being a moderator (that's part of the job, after all!) as well as help make the forums a cleaner and better place to be!

Take care!



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Re: Visiting from the LMB's? Check this Out!

Post by Sim533 on Wed 13 Jul 2011, 10:40 am

Nice post! Smile

Good work!

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