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Already one year!

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Already one year!

Post by BlueKnightSam on Sun 20 Jan 2013, 11:21 pm

So it is already been one year since LU closed Sad. (11 days to the day it closed from this post). So in this topic talk about stories and what you think about it. Here is a story I have: So yesterday I found this video. This brought a smile to my face. So what are your stories? How do you feel? Cya later! Save Imagination!

Signed, Master Builder Sam Bluè

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Re: Already one year!

Post by Nenen on Mon 21 Jan 2013, 9:55 am

My story, well now, just finishing my draft of a post, and etc.
Before, i have so many memories of LU, the most vivid ones was when i found out about LU (Many years ago) then when i found out about beta sign ups, i was so happy and so sure i would be accepted, and then when i was accepted for beta, i think i jumped into the air and cheered Smile.

Good times some of us had with LU.

In Avant Gardens Survival I SURVIVED for more then 10 min the last day of LU!
I survived for more then 5 min in Free to play!
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