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Auctioning 2 Crux PRime Rares!

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Auctioning 2 Crux PRime Rares!

Post by xpgamer on Thu 06 Oct 2011, 11:30 am

Current bid for Bat pants is by Hollis his bid was 300,000
Starting bid for Crux prime armor is 100,000


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May the old days of Beta testing be with us all and the ones who didn't get LU.
LU: people have been caught hacking Mythrans frown upon it.
alan1: My first fig ever made in LU also the Builder of the Sentinel training grounds and first to get 10,000 Rep after founders launch
ExtremeSilentShadow: Second fig i sell some few rares in venture and have like 10x more done than alan1
xpgamer: idk i gotten like 20 minutes of gameplay with him
xpgamerBT: i couldn't think of a different name he's in paradox full rank 3 Marauder i have 1 piece to sorcerer with him Razz
BETA alan1: Was full rank 3 assembly in beta testing was a friend to PatchM142 Yhnmko1 Speedyfirecyclone prettyheattoast and others he also took like at least 7-10 minutes to load a world -.-
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