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THIS would be epic!

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THIS would be epic!

Post by maxy7884 on Thu 04 Aug 2011, 7:42 pm

OK, so, most of you have heard about PvP's coming up in lego universe's future, such as Siege. Well you also know that Siege isn't just pitting eachother against eachother, it's also capture the flag or something like that, I frgot. well what about a map that's just plain Team Deathmatch or free for all or 1vs1? would the map include the ability for other players to watch it happen? what would it look like? just a big round arena? maybe that but with obsticles or other things in the middle? would there be drop-offs to doom? would there be strategically placed bouncers? or maybe bouncers you could move around and set which direction it launched? maybe special abilities just laying in different parts of the arena? what about pieces of the map that would flash or shake then crumble, thus making it more dangerous? how many times could you die before losing? 3? 1? 5? would certain things not be allowed in the pvp, or maybe certain things ONLY allowed in the PvP? would there be different "classes" in the PvP you could be? Oh, if they would just talk about PvP like AT-LEAST siege in an article so we could know more! they have probably seen (like on the wiki) that people have already found out about it! post your thoughts here!

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