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Very new things!

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Very new things! Empty Very new things!

Post by maxy7884 on Tue 26 Jul 2011, 2:03 am

Hey guys they announced things coming soon at the LEGO Universe website! there was two things (well I am not sure if one is verified) that I was surprised about, and of course all of it made me VERY excited for the update/updates for them! here's what the article said!
The Power Of The Nexus Force Releases Soon!


The time has come to unleash the Power of the Nexus Force!

The Power of the Nexus Force is exploding! In the next few weeks, exciting new additions are coming to LEGO Universe, including new Faction Kits, a new leveling system and Capes! This new update packs quite the punch and is sure to help the Nexus Force in the grand battle against the Maelstrom!

New Faction Kits are Coming! Retro Razz

[picture here]

4 new Faction Kits are coming to help the Nexus Force! The Assembly will be premiering the new Inventor Faction Kit, the Paradox will have the new Shinobi Kit, the Sentinels will have the Space Ranger Kit and the Venture League will have the Adventurer Kit! You can expect to see quirky new gadgets, high tech weapons, close combat skills and swashbuckling moves! Retro Razz

Minifigures will now level up!

[picture here]

A new minifigure leveling system is on the way! Minifigures will be able to level up to 40 levels, unlocking cool new equipment and earning exciting new rewards every 5 levels! Leveling your minifigure is a breeze! All you need to do is earn U-Score by completing Missions and Achievements. It’s as easy as that! Existing minifigures need not worry, as we will automatically determine what level your minifigure is based on your current U-Score, and award any leveling rewards you have earned, too! Make sure to link your items before the Power of the Nexus Force releases! If you missed our previous article on leveling, be sure to read it to be prepared for this new update!
Retro Razz
Capes: iconic, heroic and available soon!

[picture here]

With Valiant Weapons, Rank 3 Kits and powerful non-Faction sets like the Explorien Bot set, what else could a minifigure need to complete their battle gear? Oh, that’s right. Capes! Just imagine wearing a full Bat Lord set with a bright red cape fluttering in the wind behind you! What a sight!
Retro Razz
The Power of the Nexus Force release is exploding with amazing additions! It’s...almost a bit strange, how much preparation the Nexus Force is going through right now. It’s almost as if they are preparing for an epic battle...of arachnid proportions!
Explorers, heed the call. Get ready for the Power of the Nexus Force now!

Discuss this article on the message boards!
I am SO excited! it's like LEGO santa is here! santa I had no idea about the capes! and the part where it said " It’s almost as if they are preparing for an epic battle...of arachnid proportions! " affraid I was excited, thinking that that might mean a new and important boss is coming, and I think I know you guys know who that is! The Evil arachnid that Baron summoned, which un-expectedly helped start the Maelstrom! affraid I hope to get an email of this soon from you guys so I can have it in stock! Please post your thoughts! ( the pictures aren't there because it doesn't seem to work for me )

Paradox: Firefalcon (YEAH MOST EPIC FACTION THERE IS! PARADOX FOR THE EPIC WIN!) || assembly: crazy958 || venture league: fearfulfighter || sentinel: I forgot :/.


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