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Hunt for some minifigs...

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Hunt for some minifigs...

Post by Sim533 on Wed 29 Jun 2011, 7:32 am

As you can see some users are trying to find ways to get popular, however some ways are quite ridiculous and some are not so good for the community. A new way was found to have the same name as an other member. Just as My LEGO Network, the l is the same as the I uppercase in Lego Universe. Somebody thought he found it with this and created Eiementron and lmaginatrix. In the game it shows as Elementron and Imaginatrix, also know as 2 community managers. So, now there are running 2 versions of each community member around in LEGO Universe. And this cannot be! I have started a chat with a Brick Buddy yesterday, waited 30 minutes for some reason, and then he told me that he has to change his name from as soon as he is reported.

[06:13 AM] Sim533: Hello Brick Buddy, recently I saw somebody pretending to be a community manager. He is called Eiementron. By the Namenator he uppercased the "i" so it looks like Elementron. The l is the same as the I uppercase.
[06:15 AM] Sim533: I heard that the same happened to Imaginatrix. By the Namenator he gaved the name lmaginatrix. The little "l" is the same as the big I in game.
[06:45 AM] [BB]Aegiithuun: Hi there, I'm Brick Buddy Aegiithuun! I'm Sorry to have kept you waiting, but how can I help?
[06:45 AM] [BB]Aegiithuun: Okay, have you reported this player?
[06:47 AM] Sim533: Yay, Finally. Took 30 minutes Razz
[06:47 AM] Sim533: I haven't reported him.
[06:48 AM] [BB]Aegiithuun: I am sorry to have kept you waiting, our shifts have just swapped so there's a bit of crossover between staff.
[06:48 AM] [BB]Aegiithuun: Okay, if you see this player again, or any other Minifigures with names you think are inappropriate, please do so
[06:49 AM] [BB]Aegiithuun: Our Moderation team will investigate, and this player will likely have to change the name.
[06:49 AM] Sim533: OK.

Therefore, because the chance is quite little that I see him in-game that I'm asking you all if you see him or her in-game to report him or her. So, the mods can investigate.

How can you find out if it is the real one? Well, you have to ask him to wear gear that is not out yet such as the Nexus Force Shield. Eiementron is mostly wearing a orange founder outfit, so that may help too.

Why am I making such a drama of this all? Simply because classified information can be in wrong hands. I don't know Eiementron and Lmaginatrix personally, but with his name in-game he can tell you everything. He can insult users and make the reputation of the community managers quite low. So, yeah... HUNT!

~Sim533~ The minifig with imagination is never alone. ~
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