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Dr. Overbuild's Nexus Tower Diary - Week 2

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Dr. Overbuild's Nexus Tower Diary - Week 2

Post by Hobino on Fri 20 May 2011, 6:31 pm

My construction crew have just started building Vanda's Paradox research and laboratory facilities. Worried that the Maelstrom might erupt and get out of hand?

Nothing to kerfuffle about! Assembly is putting every precaution in place to ensure that Maelstrom and Imagination research can continue as safely as possible!

We did run into a major problem in the Paradox area. We went to test the toilets and instead of the water going down, it went up – in huge fountains of water! A mess everywhere. We found that the pumps were installed upside down somehow. Vanda laughed herself silly – and if you know Vanda, you know that this is a rare sight!. I've asked my team to pay better attention.

Many of the new vendors are starting to move in – more than I thought! There are all sorts of great new equipment and accessories available now! My favorite is the Foreman’s Radio, which drops a piano on your enemies! Problem is, I can’t seem to find that mysterious vendor again. Wonder where he’s slipped off to…

Redontop, UnbreakableNinja and EnigmaticPlastic have currently donated over 3,905,500 bricks! Way to go! I'm going to use your latest donation to start work on the landing pads!

Check back next week for another update!


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Re: Dr. Overbuild's Nexus Tower Diary - Week 2

Post by PAH on Fri 20 May 2011, 11:58 pm

LOL, drops a piano on your enemies.


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