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Post by FD_LegoFan101 on Tue 20 Jul 2010, 6:29 pm

I just got the game running on my Mac. After about one week's worth of working at it. Razz

Here's how (get ready for a long list):
BEFORE BEGINNING, PLEASE NOTE! You will NEED to have Xcode Tools installed in order for this to work! Look for your OS re-install disk that came with your Mac, or download the tools from (Apple account required for download.)

1) Open your Windows Emulator and patch LEGO Universe.
2) Go to the location of the Key LEGO Universe Files. (C Drive/Program Data (x86) (something like that Razz)/LEGO Software)
3) Drag LEGO Software from your Windows Emulator onto your Mac's desktop.
4) While it's loading, go to and follow the instructions.
A) Install Mac Ports (
B) Run this script in Terminal (Applications/Utilities/Terminal):
echo export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:\$PATH$'\n'export MANPATH=/opt/local/man:\$MANPATH | sudo tee -a /etc/profile
C) Run THIS script next:
if [ `sysctl -n hw.cpu64bit_capable` -eq 1 ] ; then echo "+universal" | sudo tee -a /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf; else echo "not 64bit capable"; fi
D) Close the Terminal window, then go to Shell/New Window (in the menubar) and open a new Terminal Window.
E) Enter this code:
sudo port install wine-devel
F) Enter your password when prompted.
G) Wait a few minutes, take a nap or get something to drink even. Razz
H) Once that's all said and done, then close that Terminal Window and open a new one.
I) Enter this code:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
J) Option+Click+Hold the Finder Icon. Set it to Relaunch.
K) Navigate to your User home, then look for a folder called ".wine".
L) Navigate to drive_c/windows/system32 and make sure that an EXE called "progman" is there. DO NOT OPEN IT!
M) Go back to Terminal, then enter this code:
wine progman.exe
N) Wait a while, and a program called X11 should pop up.
O) By now the LU files should be transferred, so...
5) Make sure the folder entitled "LEGO Software" is on your desktop.
6) Go to the program "progman" in X11.
7) Click on File (within the app)/Execute...
Cool Click Browse.
9) Navigate to Desktop/LEGO Software/LEGO Universe/client/legouniverse.exe
10) Click on legouniverse.exe and click Open.
11) The initial window popup should be visible again. Just click OK.
12) The program might take a while, but it should be loading!

• The legouniverse.exe file MUST be opened from WITHIN the LEGO Universe file, or ELSE it won't work at all.
• It is suggested that you set the Dock to hide, inasmuch as the program basically takes over your Desktop, and the Dock would be in the way.

Enjoy this terribly complicated guide. Maybe you'll be able to use it. Razz


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